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Cardigans and coats in Alpaca wool

Have you ever thought of a beautiful, soft, comfortable cardigan that can be used all year round? Yes? Then you have thought about an alpaca wool cardigan by Inkanti!

The women’s cardigans that you will find in this section are made of the very precious Baby Alpaca wool, a completely natural, breathable and light wool that combines the softness of cashmere, the shine of mohair and the durability of merino wool.

An Inkanti alpaca wool coat follows an idea of women’s fashion, elegant but able to stand out gracefully without forgetting the themes of sustainability and durable fashion: fashion that respects the environment, respects animals and makes you happy about your wardrobe.

If you’ve heard of Peruvian sweaters, know that our alpaca wool cardigans and coats combine the best of Made in Italy designs with the craftsmanship of Peruvian knitters.

By bringing home a cardigan or an Inkanti coat, you do not only bring home a warm, soft garment that will remain beautiful over time, but you will also marry the principles of natural fashion and ecological clothing, made of natural fibers, sustainable processes and garments designed for be durable.

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