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Poncho and capes in alpaca wool

The feeling of being wrapped in a soft and very warm cape: that’s what it feels like wearing an alpaca wool poncho. Ponchos are among the most popular alpaca wool accessories offered by the Inkanti fashion collection.

This popularity is easy to explain; an alpaca wool poncho is a highly versatile garment. It can be worn in winter, on top of or underneath other clothes, or it can be worn in summer, in the evening when the air starts to get fresh. It’s a really convenient accessory.

Do you know why alpaca wool can be worn in summertime? For two reasons:

The first one is that alpaca wool is highly breathable: this means that you will stay warm but you won’t sweat.

The second reason is that alpaca wool is hypoallergenic. If you are allergic to wool and the idea of wool contacting with your skin frightens you, alpaca wool being avoids annoying irritation and itching because its lanolin-free. It’s the best of hypoallergenic yarns.

Inkanti ponchos with their 100% Italian design, are designed to complement any outfit, to be transformed into a scarf and be worn in multiple ways for multiple occasions. It’s a 2 in one garment!

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