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Alpaca wool scarf
Bringing an alpaca wool scarf home is a great experience. It will radically change your idea of women’s and men’s scarf. You will abandon the idea that a scarf pulls, sweats or pinches. Alpaca wool is a very precious wool that guarantees a pleasant touch sensation and can be worn in any season because it is warm in winter and breathable and light in other seasons.

If you are also allergic to wool and want to discover the benefits of a true hypoallergenic yarn, then Baby Alpaca wool is perfect for you.

An alpaca wool scarf is a present that everyone would like to receive. Don’t think so? A scarf? Yes, because standard alpaca wool and fine baby alpaca wool (the variety we use) are the best of natural fibers: it has the softness of cashmere, the shine of mohair, the silkiness of angora and the resistance of merino wool.

When you buy an Inkanti scarf, you not only buy a 100% natural fiber, but you also bring home an accessory designed to convey the genuine craftsmanship and beauty of Made in Italy design.

The Inkanti women’s fashion garments are conceived for women who love to dress with taste, and to stand out for their graceful appearance. But especially for all women who embrace the philosophy of durable fashion: precious clothing and accessories that are made to last over time, thanks to the quality of the fibers.

When you buy Inkanti, you buy garments designed for natural, sustainable and ecological fashion. Purchase only pure alpaca wool items, only natural shearing wool, not regenerated wool or synthetic fibers.

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