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Sweaters and pullovers in Alpaca wool

Have you ever tried the experience of wearing an Alpaca wool sweater or pullover? Never? Alpaca wool outside Peru is not well known yet, and that is a shame because it is a very precious wool: comfortable and soft like cashmere also has the advantage, thanks to its very high breathability, that it can be worn in any season. In other words, with alpaca wool, and in particular the “Baby Alpaca” quality, you have warm sweaters for the winter and pullovers that can also be worn in the middle seasons and for summer evenings.

If you are looking for elegant women’s knitwear but you are tired of synthetic fabrics, you should know that Alpaca is among the best options for those who love natural wool garments. The alpaca wool used for Inkanti sweaters and pullovers is exclusively sheared wool, which means that it is not regenerated or recovered from other industrial processes. It is 100% alpaca wool.

Our alpaca wool sweaters are perfect for those who have wool allergies. Alpaca wool sweaters fall into the wool and hypoallergenic yarn category, as they are lanolin-free, lanolin being the substance that causes wool irritation.

The Inkanti fashion collection, however, offers a collection of women’s knitwear with 100% Italian design, with refined lines that are very easy to combine with any outfit.

And if all this is not enough, buying an Inkanti sweater or pullover, you embrace the philosophy of sustainable and durable fashion, choosing an eco-friendly fibre, a natural woolc that lasts and remains beautiful over time.

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