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Ethical hand-knitted clothing


Ethical hand-knitted clothing



Inkanti is a brand born with the aim of bringing the precious virtues of pure Alpaca knitwear to Italy and Europe, actively contributing to improving the economic and living conditions of the Andean communities, guardians of the ancient art of weaving alpaca fibre.

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During our travels in Peru we experienced a deep, intense love for the place and the origins of our product.
We also met and brought on board master craftsmen from Lima, the capital, and Arequipa, in southern Peru, who have the knowledge and experience that has been handed down from generation to generation, for whom quality is what matters most. They are the authentic custodians of the secret of the perfect weaving ofthe alpaca fibre, keeping it vaporous, elastic and luminous.

The great Peruvian artisan tradition of knitwear is the story of men and women.

For us it is essential to respect their work, without exploitation, through fair trade and in doing so play our small part in helping a local community and a local economy to prosper and grow.

Because of this, when you buy an Inkanti garment, you can be assured that part of the price has served to contribute to the development of these communities.

All of the finishes, and in most cases the whole piece, is the work of one craftsman from start to finish. We are proud of them and the vital part they play in bringing our creations to live. Here are just a few of them!

All our yarns are carefully selected by our craftsmen, from the two most renowned Peruvian suppliers Michell & Cia and Incatops, which connects us to know their conditions of consumption and compliance with quality materials, respectful of man and its environment.

Craftsmen Inkanti

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craftsmen inkanti



Our creations are intended for contemporary, feminine women, inspired by artisan production stories, slow and respectful fashion.

Lovers of beautiful garments woven and worked with care, love and patience can now also know the individuals behind their garment, helping to give them the recognition they deserve.

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